Shepherd’s Center Beachside Winter 2017

Today was 1st day of 8 week Shepherd’s Center courses. I’m taking :9AM “Everyday Engineering” with Herrick Jeffers ; 10AM “The Science of Energy” with Tom Sanders and Herrick Jeffers; and 11 AM “Practicing Mindfulness – Introduction to Meditation” with Leslie Johansen.Tomorrow it’s 10AM ” What in the World is Going On” with Wener ‘Jack’ Marx; 11AM “Mind-Mood & Memory — Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior” with Miriam Champness. All the classes except “What in the World’ use DVD’s from “The Great Courses” with profs from well-known universities.  I own the CD’s of same lectures for  “Practicing Mindfulness”, and have listened to them often, but still find it helpful to attend classes. In particular, it’s useful for me to have the slight discipline of Miriam leading us, and assigning the task of practicing 10 minutes a day.

In fact, I’m going to cut this blog writing session short, in order to get my 10 minute mindfulness practice before going to bed tonight.


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