Hypothesis: God “IS” Reality!

Hypothesis: God “IS” Reality!
There is a “reality” (what is; truth!) that exists independently of “perceptions of reality” (in human brains interpreting signals from their senses).
This “reality” is constantly changing, and is different in different places.(May be raining here today, but not tomorrow, or raining here, but not there.)
True Science is the search for “reality”.
If there is a God who created “reality” (Truth), He is part of that “reality.”
Therefore, “True Science” includes a search for God.
God would want us to know Him.
Therefore, there should be no conflict between belief in Science and a belief in God, if there is a God.

Personally, I find it impossible to believe in the ‘all too human’ Christian God, who finds me faulty from birth and needs me to change. Perhaps, and I only propose this as a hypothesis, God “IS” reality, which includes humans, as well as everything else in the universe (animals, cancer cells, planets, etc.), rather than separate entities (neither God creating man, nor man creating God), and nothing being good or bad, “but thinking makes it so” (as per Shakespeare’s Hamlet).

Think a “good” tennis serve. “Good” for you, “Bad” for your opponent. Think a “bad” cancer cell. “Bad” for you; “Good” for cancer cell. Maybe God doesn’t choose sides. When a woman has a miscarriage, does that mean God performed am abortion. Why? Did God make a mistake? He seems to be the world’s biggest abortionist! Who are we to judge that God? Who gets to make up the rules? Certainly, not I?

But, if I’m going to believe in God, I’m gonna think big! I’m not going to believe He has the same frailties as us humans. Nor does He have the same values! If he makes lions with a more powerful body than mine, I’ll avoid fighting lions, and develop my brain to learn how to live in a world that has lions. And if I notice he makes plants that get fed grow bigger than those that don’t get food, I’ll learn to feed the plants I like best. In other words, I’m going to learn about God by observing how “reality” works (aka “TRUTH”) — not pretend that I can make it be “fair”, the way children say the world “should be”! And I’m certainly not going to believe everyone who says there’s something wrong with me, and I need to buy whatever they’re selling to get better— be they “Super Bowl” commercials, or Evangelists! If, in the 21st century, God doesn’t know how to get messages to me other than bibles with more contradictions than words, he underestimates his own creation.

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